Friday, April 1, 2011

Another launch another blog, Submachine

Voodoo dolls hanging from the ceiling and hot girls dancing on speakers. Free shit from Iron fist and The Golden Tiki and last but not least Submachine.Submachine as you know them and now finally, jesus, finally on a cd. Was a slow start to the evening but as these gigs always go, the voodoo eventually hits you. As a hint if you want to have a really good time make sure you're in the front row getting bumped around, if you get doused in Sailor Jerry make sure your mouth is open and if you gonna moan about what a shit night you had better know that it's your own fault!

One of the only bands I know that has two percussionists I have been sold on the band since the first time I saw them. Painted faces and bodies, sweat, Hugh's voodoo voice and aggressive drum and bass sets the mood for the aptly named "psycho voodoo black noise". It envelopes you and if you into the concept of tribal entrancing mixed with a hard element then this is the band for you. There is a lovable side to all this too and if Johnny Cash 'Ring of Fire' gets you hot Id recommend listening to their take on it. Totally fun.

Having photographed these dudes for some time now this launch was more like a family gathering for me. Sisters, girlfriends and close friends all helped co-ordinate the show and watching them at this point earmarked that the band is moving into another stage of musical growing up. Choosing a bigger venue for the launch is necessary but being used to shooting at smaller shows I realise that if you really wanna see and experiance Submachine its not quite the same without sweaty people invading your personal space.If I looked around at the people I suppose I could go and say that if anyone has been to a Submachine show previously you also would not be used to having the space to fling your arms and legs around a bit, normally you're flinging yourself into someone, knocking over a mic or two or being bumped on the head by the bassist. Then theres the voodoo guy with the stick. I stay away from him. Needless to say choas ensues when that stick gets passed around. The show was well attended but not out of control

I was practically glued to the stage as usual and clambering up on things everywhere to be sure I do everyone justice. I haven't seen them in a while so seeing them perform again I had a fat smile on my face all through the show, sang to the songs I knew and enjoyed the familiarity. The Vendetta cartel opened the stage and Juggurnaut were there to support too. As much as I love both these bands it was clear that people came to see Submachine and the floor only started filling up nicely when they started playing

My only gripe really is that I always think the vocal is too soft. Waaay too soft for the opening bands and could've been louder for Submachine too. Im no musical genius and I might be going deaf, but I wanna hear it well? No?

Last thing to say- "Dudes, where's my copy of the album?"