Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing with the Fuji X100

Selling cameras has its advantages, getting to play with the Fuji X100 at the moment and I'm loving the nostalgia and coolness of a compact camera. Super retro its like shooting with an old film camera, reminding me of my nikormat days when you had to turn the fstop on the ring around the lens and adjusting shutter speed on a big dial on the top of the camera.
I shot mostly on F2.0 and loved the depth of field and still keeping detail although i did find it very hard to focus with, I did get the results I wanted in the end. Using the velvia colour setting i loved the slide film mimickery and the black and white settings that have filters on is very effective and definitely again reliving instant nostalgia in the photos. (The black and white is my favourite though has to be said)
All these were shot with this camera with no photoshop, only using on camera settings. A really awesome camera to have and way faster than the lomo process!

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