Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fuzigish SETLIST album launch last friday.

Im pummeled into the monitor onstage and people are literally breathing into my ear that’s how close they are. Crouched on the front of the stage contending with people getting mashed you must know that its album launch of Fuzigish “Setlist” which for me is the best of everything Ive seen of them.

Not shy with a an hour and a half set this time they still leave the crowd wanting more. With more than a thousand people crammed into Cool Runnings Fourways I had to fight my way to the stage. It’s a sea of kids high on music. Arms, eyes and Mohawks is what you see, crowd jumpers and kids getting crushed into the stage, monitors being guarded by Nick it’s an intense experience. Fighting it is futile all you have to be sure to do is stay on your feet else you’re screwed.

The songs are loved by the crowd again and again.

Big Willy was his usual self spraying the stage with his charm and horn and curiously re-invented beer funnel. Guys and girls are quite happy to drink beer out of a hollowed out dildo with a pipe and orange street cone attached to it. Take a good look at that picture folks. It’s a dildo.

Gordan Laws, good friend and man of many talents stands on the sidelines feeling the vibe and helps end of the show with more enthusiasm and rocking out on the mic .

I was telling Malcolm the other day I don’t actually own a Fuzi album but this one is super special for me, as I’ve been fortunate enough to have shot quite a few of their shows over the last couple of years. If you’ve ever experienced a Fuzi show this album is a nostalgic collection of songs they include on their setlist and if you playing this album in your car youll probably sing along to every song. Its fast and upbeat just like seeing them live. The energy is there.

There was also that nifty branded flashdrive I lusted after, with pretty much every song they’ve done on it and the music videos. If you’re a die hard fan this is the best pressie you’ll ever get.

Its an event not to be missed and if you hear they are playing somewhere don’t pass it up. If you don’t believe me come to a show. Nuff said.

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